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Manage Xresources

Some simple but very usefull tips to manage Xresources

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PolyXene secure Operating System

PolyXene is a certified high-security operating system that enables secure access, from one single work station, to several distinct and non-standardized networks and to data of different sensitivity levels.

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Sécurité et langage Java

Un certain nombre d’idées reçues circulent sur l’apport relatif des différents langages de programmation en matière de sécurité, mais les études techniques détaillées sur le sujet sont relativement peu nombreuses. C’est une des raisons pour lesquelles l’ANSSI a choisi de lancer l’étude Javasec.

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Qubes OS and formally verified microkernel

Qubes is an open source operating system designed to provide strong security for desktop computing. Qubes is based on Xen, X Window System, and Linux, and can run most Linux applications and utilize most of the Linux drivers. In the future it might also run Windows apps.

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Supergeek pulls off 'near impossible' crypto chip hack

Tarnovsky figured out a way to break chips that carry a "Trusted Platform Module," or TPM, designation by essentially spying on them like a phone conversation. ... Using off-the-shelf chemicals, Tarnovsky soaked chips in acid to dissolve their hard outer shells. Then he applied rust remover to help take off layers of mesh wiring, to expose the chips' cores. From there, he had to find the right communication channels to tap into using a very small needle. ...

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OpenBSD encrypted partition

In this article you will find all the information to get an encrypted disk or partition (for example /home) on you OpenBSD system.

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Applied Cryptography

Resources to understand the basic concepts and implementations of the cryptography.

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Import PKCS#12 certificate in Opera

How to import a PKCS#12 certificate (including private key) with Opera 9.5 and beta 10.

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Mount OpenBSD NFS export from GNU/Linux

Mouting an OpenBSD NFS export from a GNU/Linux client fails with mount.nfs: mount system call failed

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Blog update to Dotclear v2

Hi all,

i am currently updating the site to Dotclear v2.
It will probably happen some malfunctioning, so I apology in advance.
I expect you will enjoy the new site and the new theme.

Any comments are welcome !!


Virtualizing the Trusted Platform Module

Based on the IBM Research Report on vTPM, this article intends to detail the concepts of a TPM emulation on virtualized context.

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Linux Broadcom TIS TPM

This article gives additional informations to use the Broadcom TPM BCM0102 with the TIS driver. This TPM is included in my DELL Latitude D630 laptop.

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How to use a TPM with Linux

The goal of the article is to offer a simple tutorial to use your onboard TPM to secure your system. The TPM can offer security for a trusted boot and create a chain of trust for over applications.

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Les logiciels libres & GNU/Linux

Le but de ce rapport est d'avoir une vue globale des logiciels libres, de la philosophie, des acteurs et de voir dans quels secteurs économiques des changements sont à venir.

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VIA C7 Padlock on Debian Etch

This article explains :

  • How to configure the kernel to activate Padlock
  • How to configure OpenSSL to use the hardware engine
  • How to configure OpenSSH to use OpenSSL Padlock engine

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Monitor mode with a Wireless Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network card

The default driver Linux driver iwl3945 does not accept monitor mode anymore. This tutorial explains how install the ipwraw driver instead.

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Linux Security Tools

In this article, you will learn about some of the most important Linux security tools. The goal is not to explain how to use them but only propose a list with references which will be updated frequently.

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SSH Dictionary Attack Prevention with iptables

Once you have a SSH server available on internet, you are exposed to SSH brute-force attacks which are rather annoying. It is frequent to observe thousand of connexion attempts with multiple common login and password. This article intends to solve this problem with specific iptables rules.

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Secure Deletion of memory

With the use of disk encryption softwares to protect data on mobile computer, how can you be sure to ensure data confidentiality ? What is the threat if an attacker gain access to sensitive data which was supposed to be erased. ?

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Lancement du site

Bienvenue à tous en cette fin de soirée, ce premier post marque le lancement du site GouNation. Le premier pas est fait, mais le plus important est à venir !!