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SEO Basics with Helium SEO

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is regarded by experts such as Helium SEO as one of the most significant tools that will guarantee any business effective online visibility. SEO is a web development technique that focuses on improving how content is ranked on a SERP – Search Engine Results Page. Optimization here involves video, map, image, webpage, together with other content.

The key strategy in SEO is to make sure you get higher within the ranks meaning that more traffic will be drawn your way and that is good for business. And how is that even possible? Easy…keyword research!

It is essential to study people and know how each person varies from the other – like let’s say; age, size, sex, as well as tastes and preferences. Once this is done, you’ll get the idea of how each one of them would key when searching words on the internet. After you are through with the keywords, it is now time you focus on creating quality backlinks used on various websites to share the content. This will provide a certain level of authority when dealing with the search engines.

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Different philosophies of SEO

For anyone to successfully rise through the page ranks, he/she must be able to wear many hats – although this may mean something different in SEO. There are some hat tricks that need to be understood, which are; white, grey, and blackhat.


White Hat

This is a simple belief that the search engine is our good friend. In this type of strategy, it is strictly necessary to follow the rules laid down by the engines for a long-lasting high ranking. Strictly adhering to the rules of SEO code of ethics is important as it gives the experts a framework for establishing well-organized content. Hard work and time are the key factors for you to adorn the white hat.


Black Hat

Black Hat devotees believe that the enemy is the search engine. Ranking here doesn’t depend on the rules of the game, but rather the creativity of the expert since there are no rules to follow when you have the black-hat mentality. Tricks are used to rise through the ranks as developers live on the edge with the satisfaction that they have beaten the search engines without a trace. Some of the strategies are:

· Keyword Spamming

· Interlinking

· Doorway Pages

· Duplicate Sites

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Grey Hat

Sometimes the hat can be too white or too dark to bear. It is at this moment in time that a Grey Hat would be necessary to catapult your position in the SERP. Grey Hats focus most of their energy on the current situation. This is done by following the rules but at the same time exploring the dark side of things. For example:

· Cloaking

· Paid Links

· Duplicate Content

· Mild keyword stuffing

Whatever color you may find fit, you’ll certainly get results – although different outcomes. Helium SEO experts recommend 100% safe hat since the White Hat will always prevail over Black or Grey. White is a clean, reliable, and credible approach to rise to the top of the SERP hierarchy without having to play dirty.