Understanding the benefits of SEO audit

The word “audit” is commonly used in financial records and taxes. It is something that most people find undesirable and try to avoid. However, SEO audit has nothing to do with your finances. According to Eric at Clickstream, it is the evaluation of how your website is optimized for the search engines. The following are some reasons to hire a reputable internet marketing agency to do an SEO audit of your website.

Reasons for SEO audit

Determine SEO weaknesses

tg2w3edfc6vhwed82i2SEO audit can help you to determine those optimization activities that are not performing to the standards. For instance, you may find out that you have not included relevant keywords, meta descriptions, and even social media sharing options. Moreover, you may realize that your website is filled with duplicate content, or it is slow and has poor quality inbound links. When you discover these issues, you will be on your way to implement a successful SEO strategy.

Know the strengths of your competitors

SEO audit will help you know what your competitors are doing and why they are performing better than you. For instance, you may find out that competitors are getting quality links from relevant websites. The discovery can be of great help to improve the SEO performance.

Focus on your SEO strategy

After finding out the different SEO activities that you perform well in, you can put more energy into improving other areas you are not performing well.

Components of SEO audit

Backlink analysis

This is meant to help you assess the quality of the backlinks your website is getting and then compare your website to those of your competitors.

Content keyword analysis

This can help you determine the way search engines interpret your website based on content that is provided on the website.

Poisonous link analysis

This will help you know whether you are getting poisonous links. These are links from spammy directories and link farms.

Site speed analysis

This is quite important as it helps one determine the way Google interprets your website. Moreover, you will learn how to improve it.tg2edf6whedf872je9o22

Duplicate content analysis

This will help you know whether there is another version of a page indexed by search engines.

Content audit analysis

This is quite important in determining whether you have added relevant and unique meta keywords, meta descriptions, title tags, and other website attributes.

Ensure you hire a reputable SEO agency or company to do the SEO audit for you. This is because they will have experience and skills to do the right job.